Luke Brandon Farrell

User Experience and Full Stack Development

Hey πŸ‘‹ My Name is Luke (most call me Lucas). I have been working in development for several years. Using React Native and my experience in UX to build awesome products.

Skills in JavaScript / Swift / Objective C / Gradle / Java.

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My Story

How I got here and all that... πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

Born in Newcastle (North of England) and introduced to Flash MX by my Dad at the age of 11, I was addicted to building games and learning programming. I built numerous games for Newgrounds, started companies, and managed teams of artists and programmers all before the age of 18.

I ventured into app development when I got my first Apple Mac computer at the age of 18, before that I released simple games to the Play Store.

I attended college in Gateshead (town near Newcastle) and studied an advanced computer science diploma for two years. I then moved to Loughborough University and studied computer science, and graduated with a 1st class honours in computer science.

Now I work fully remote building beautiful products, sharing open-source projects, public speaking, and writing blog posts.

As it Continues...

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Development Portfolio

Projects I have been part of...

Nox - AI Powered Dream Journal


Nox is the INTELLIGENT journal which brings your dreams to life. Using the newest discoveries in Artificial Intelligence to understand your dreams and deliver comprehensive interpretations.

Qeepsake: Family & Baby Book


Helping families capture & celebrate meaningful memories.

Lead Mobile Engineer @ Qeepsake

Reward Me Now


Reward Me Now is a mobile app which allows you to buy instant eGift codes to save up to 13% off of purchases at numerous high street retailers.

Senior Mobile Developer @ Redu

Cherry (the game)


Cherry is an iOS game built with Swift. The game consists of controlling a ball as the screen moves down, the aim of the game is to survive as long as possible and collect fruit to give you power-ups and buy special perks.


React NativeProductivity

Wordlet is a very simple app which allows you to find word meanings and save them to a list, you can come back and reference the words you've learnt and refresh yourself on their meanings.

William Morris Hall

React NativeiOS+1

An event app for iOS and Android built with React Native for William Morris Hall at Loughborough University.

Talent Status


Website for Talent Casting agency built with flexible search, complex profile creation, and an advanced admin panel.

Senior Web Developer @ TSG Casting for 2 years

Roast Me


Roast Me was a website which allowed users to upload their photos and be "Roasted" by the community. This website was built as a spin-off to the reddit "Roast Me" hype.


JavaAndroid Studio

A running app in which you get chased by barking dogs through your earphones based on your distance. Android built in Java for module at Loughborough University.

Pocket Launch


Pocket Launch was an Android game in which you tilted your screen to control a rocket. The aim of the game was to survive as long as possible collecting power-ups to boost your rocket and dodging asteroids.

Aluman LTD


Static website build for Aluman LTD to showcase their best projects. The website was built with HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Mass Choas


A simple action shooter game built and released on the Play Store. The game was built with AS3 and Flash 8 then ported to Android using Flash Builder.

Open Source

You can check out my other open source work from my Github


React NativeiOS+1

Robust and interactive image collage component for React Native.



Fine-grained control over the persisting and rehydration of your redux store 🎰



Drawer API built on top of wix react-native-navigation for iOS and Android.

Music Playlists

Some of my medicine playlists.

Spiritual Ambience πŸͺ΄ | Work, Life and Focus πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’» | Passive Healing 🌱

A playlist to create the atmosphere of higher being and passive healing in your home, work or sacred spaces. A mix of ambient light music to not distract from your tasks or day, but to provide positive energy. Made with ❀️. Shuffle ON :)

Sacred Home πŸͺ΄ | Home, Life and Growth 🏑 | Passive Healing 🌱

A playlist to create the atmosphere of higher being and passive healing in your home, work or sacred spaces. A mix of ambient and more powerful ceremonial music which will open the heart of those who listen. Made with ❀️. Shuffle ON :)

Public Speaking

Technology with a hint of comedy...

I've been public speaking for four years and have been part of Toastmasters International for three years, attending a number of clubs across the UK, and participating in multiple speech contests.


I speak about tech, javascript, mobile apps, designing, and scaling large applications. If you want me to speak at your event you can email me at:

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